Friday, June 24, 2011


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People are a lot like trees.
Ents are trees with personality.

So like an Ent, there is more going on under our surface than others see.

We have times of the day when we look our best. Our children are similar to ourselves.

And depending on your family history you might be a little fruity, nutty or...... change colors.

So maybe not exactly like trees. 

So this isn't an iron clad theory clearly.... but it has it's uses.

Take for
Like trees there are basically two times of men.

The bad boys and the good guys.

I'll start with the bad boys. Now most young female seedlings (or young ladies if you prefer) coming age today are looking for the rebel male seedlings (bad boys). The one growing his roots in toxic water, breathing in pollution, running around with some baked seeds that will never grow, and telling his parent's to go fertilize themselves....

Now these female seedlings are mostly a product of the environment they grew up in. They look for what is popular in modern seedling society and they USUALLY go for that.

So these female seedlings go after the rebel seedlings because they are lead to believe by seedling society that the rebel seedings will offer them adventure and maybe they will find "an oak tree in the rough" as it were.  

Because what female seedling wouldn't want to be seen at the swanky fertilizer restaurants with their rebel seedling, getting wasted on stump fortifiers.

Now take a look at the good seeds/ good guys.

Whenever your having a seedling drama with your parent's, friends or rebel seed of a boyfriend they are usually the guy you can count on for support and advice. The good seed you think of as only "a friend." 

Now the good seeds are seen by modern seedling society as not spontaneous, not very daring, and "safe".

Well speaking on behalf of the good seeds/good guys out there. I have to say that you are being misinformed.

You spend time trying to find the "diamond-in-the-rough" and getting the bad boy to be a bit more like the good guy but still be adventurous and wild. And when it doesn't work out like you planned, you go and cry on the low branch/shoulder of the good seed/good guy who's there. EVER. TIME.

Photo credit to Flickr user: bsheets
But there is a problem with this idea ladies. If you notice the picture to the right you will see a tree rotten through to its very core. A lot of rebel seedlings/bad boys are a lot like this.

You try to change them to be more like the good guy and at a certain point you get confronted by the fact that this rebel seedling is filled with rotten wood inside.

So you move on to another rebel seedling hoping to find more non-rotten wood/good qualities in this one.

Your going about it all wrong ladies. They best way to find a seedling with non-rotten wood is to try a different seed.

You have a lot better chances of finding non-rotten wood in a good seed.  Good seeds have better wood to work with....... (hold on....... I have to stop laughing. LOL)

All people and trees are different, but the truth is whether you are a bad boy or a good guy we both are going to have knots/trouble areas and dead limbs/relational baggage.

All this is to say..... Give the good guys in your life a chance.......... Like a good seedling that has grown into an oak tree. We stand the test of time.

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  1. We lost two of the best "trees" in the whole wide world this week in Yakutat. :(

    A beautiful post Ryan!